Custom Engraved Picture of Family and Friends from Photo

Please list name (s) you want engraved above your picture.


To celebrate your family and friends, we offer this customized engraved plaque from your favorite photo.  We will add your special occasion and can include a background shape if you choose.

We have three sizes and 6 different shapes of plaques for your preference.  

Please select the size:

            Small (6 - 8")

           Medium (8 - 10")

            Large (> 10" - 13")

    Each plaque is unique, so there will be some variance in the exact size, which is the reason we have a range.

Once you know the size, you will need to select the shape of your plaque:


            Rectangle Scalloped


            Oval Scalloped


            Basswood with Bark Edge (additional charge)

Since these plaques are natural wood, each will have it's own coloring and wood grain. 

You then provide us with the name (s) and special occasion you want included in your engraving.

Background Shape 

We can add a background outline of a favored shape - such as an animal, basic shape, state, etc.  If you want this addition, please fill in your request in the box provided.

This is a one-of-a-kind unique plaque for you to always remember your special family and friend.

We will prepare the graphic and provide to you for your final review.  It will require up to a week to complete the design and engrave the plaque, then another week to apply 2 coats to seal your engraving and get ready to ship.  Additional time may be needed depending on how quickly you approve our design.

At check-out, please select correct shipping costs.  For orders of multiple items, the additional items with equal or less shipping costs will ship free.