Loss of Pet - Memorial Poem Plaque with Picture



Our memorial plaque was created to help you honor the loss of your special friend.  The plaque has an ornate picture frame for you to add your favorite picture.

The poem reads:

The day I lost you, I thought my heart would break,
    and I didn’t think I could go on.
But you came to me in a dream and said,
    ‘My dear friend, I have not left you.
    I will always be with you in spirit.

Whenever you rescue a lost soul,
    I will help you;
Whenever you give your love to a new friend,
    I will be by your side.

And when you are at the end of your journey,
    I will be there, waiting to greet you,
    and to run and play in the sun once again.’

                       Copyright 2015 Homer’s Furry Manor           

This plaque is engraved on light wood, with a clear finish.  Because this is natural wood, each piece will have unique grain and characteristics.  It measures approximately 9x11 inches and can be fitted for hanging or set on a table in a stand.