Loss of Pet Portrait Painting - Custom from your favorite photo



Ease the loss of your beloved pet by creating a lasting memory with a personalized, custom painted picture.

Original acrylic painting of your beloved pet from a favorite photo.  This is a customized painting to realistically capture your buddy.  I can create a simple background from colors you choose or a detailed background that represents your pet's personality.

     Sizes from 5x7 to 14x20 inches.

     Acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

     Choose either a Head/Neck view or a full body painting.  Choose a neutral or a detailed background.

     Painting comes unframed, but I can add the frame if you desire.  Framed paintings will have additional shipping costs.

     Painting is sealed with a protective varnish once completed.

Once you have ordered a painting and sent me your favorite photo (s), we will work together to determine the perfect picture.  It takes several days to a couple weeks to build the layers of colors that create the depth and details that make your painting unique and real.  As the painting is nearing completion, I will send you a photo to review and to provide any input/changes that you want to make.

After the painting is complete, I will dry it for a full week, then apply 2 coats of a varnish to seal the work from dust or damage.

Once you have submitted your order, I will contact you to arrange to get the photo and to discuss the specifics of the painting.