Loss of Pet Urn with Memorial Poem



We have created urns to hold your special friend's ashes. 

The urns are made of solid oak with contrasting face plates (maple, cherry) that feature our FOREVER IN MY HEART or I LOST A FRIEND poem. 

The FOREVER IN MY HEART poem reads:

The day I lost you, I thought my heart would break,
    and I didn’t think I could go on.
But you came to me in a dream and said,
    ‘My dear friend, I have not left you.
    I will always be with you in spirit.

Whenever you rescue a lost soul,
    I will help you;
Whenever you give your love to a new friend,
    I will be by your side.

And when you are at the end of your journey,
    I will be there, waiting to greet you,
    and to run and play in the sun once again.’

                    Copyright 2015 Homer’s Furry Manor       

The I LOST A FRIEND poem reads:

I lost a special friend today
    the kind you can't replace,

    and looking at her empty bed
    I still can see her beautiful face.

I know she's in a special place
    our Lord has for such friends,

    Where meadows, fields & flowers
    help make them strong and whole again.

I know she's watching over me
    She'll be with me when I cry,
    So with one more kiss on her beloved head

    I told my friend goodbye.

                       Author Unknown 2017 Homer’s Furry Manor           

The urn comes in five sizes. 

The x-small urn is a 5 x 5 inch square container that sits flat.  The faceplate is 4 1/4 inches square and sits on top of the urn.

The remainder of the urns are upright with the poem engraved on the front faceplate.  They are small (4 3/8 inch depth), medium (5 1/2 inch depth), large (6 1/2 inch depth) and ex-large (7 inch depth).  The faceplate is 5 1/4 inches square.

Accessing the inside of the urns is simple and done with screws on the bottom.


The upright urns come with the faceplate, but can be customized with a matted round frame for a picture of your pet instead.  You can see an example of the mats in the picture above.  If you want this option, please click the option and specify the color of the mat - Blue, Black, or Brown.

You can personalize your urn with a custom, engraved name plate.  The name plates come in two versions, a complimentary wood plate or a gold, frosted plate.  The name will be affixed to the side of the x-small urn and the top of the upright urns, so will not interfere with either the engraved poem or the picture of your pet.  If you want this option, please check the correct box above and type the exact name you want engraved in the white box that appears.

At check-out, please select correct shipping costs.  For orders of multiple items, the additional items with equal or less shipping costs will ship free.


To help you determine the size you will need, 1 pound of weight = about 1 cubic inch of space.