Custom Painting - Acrylic painting based on photo or object you request



An original acrylic painting will add flare and interest to your home or office.

There is an unlimited variety of subjects to choose from - I can create your painting from a photo you have or a specific object that you want.  We will work together to get just the right size, colors, shape to satisfy your request.

     Standard canvas sizes are:




            14x20 inches.

     You can also choose a custom size that is suitable to your space.

These are acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

Once complete, the painting is sealed with a protective varnish to preserve it's luster.

     Painting comes unframed, but I have frames in several wood finishes and colors that will compliment your picture.  Framed paintings will have additional shipping costs.

Once you have ordered a painting and sent me your photo or object, we will work together to determine the perfect picture.  It takes several days to a couple weeks to build the layers of colors that create the depth and details that make your painting unique and real and to allow adequate drying time.  As the painting is nearing completion, I will send you a photo to review and to provide any input/changes that you want to make.

After the painting is complete, I will dry it for a full week, then apply 2 coats of a varnish to seal the work from dust or damage.  For shipping, I take special care to wrap and protect all parts and to insure that it arrives to you in great shape.

Once you have submitted your order, I will contact you to arrange to get the photo or request and to discuss the specifics of the painting.