Rescue Pet Volunteers Plaque - Our Heroes



The Angels who volunteer to work with rescued animals work tirelessly to help them heal, to help them feel safe, and to get them ready for their forever families.  Honor the volunteers that you know with this special plaque.

Made of natural Basswood, this plaque is 6 1/2 inches round and has a clear finish.  It is engraved with a special volunteer poem and is ringed with some of the animals they work with.

The poem reads:

Your sad, frightened eyes

     Ask why you are here?

I don't have the answer,

    But I'll help ease your fear.

I'll hold you and love you

    And help you feel safe.

And when you stop shaking,

    I'll teach you to play.

I'll show you, "You're Special"

    And no longer alone.

Until your new family

    Comes to take you home.

I Am a Rescue Volunteer!!!

                        Copyright 2015 Homer's Furry Manor           

This plaque is designed to be set on a table but could be fixed to hang on a wall with the addition of a bracket.