Adopted / Rescue Cat - Adoption Poem Plaque - Rectangle



You have adopted a rescue pet.  Congratulations, wonderful job!  We know that you are committed to saving beautiful animals and giving them a second chance. 

Our poem was designed to highlight your efforts and to celebrate with you.

The poem reads:

I brought you home that special day,

            With tangled fur, too scared to play.

Through patience, love, and gentle touch,

            We formed a bond that means so much.

You lift me up when I am down,

            You make me laugh, you’re a crazy clown.

Love and trust in your eyes, I see;

            But now I wonder,

Did I rescue you or

                 did you rescue Me?

                    Copyright 2015 Homer’s Furry Manor           

This is a beautiful, engraved plaque made of finished Alder wood.  The natural characteristics of the wood create unique patterns, so no two pieces of wood are the same.  The 7x9 inch plaque has a coved, finished edge.  The 8x10 inch plaque has an infinity edge.  This plaque is meant to be hung on a wall, but could be set on a table with a wood stand.  It has a key-hole slot on the back for hanging.


You can personalize your plaque by adding your pet's name.  Just check the box above and type the name in the white box provided.  Your pet's name will be engraved on a solid wood name plate that complements the Alder wood of the plaque.

Our plaques are engraved with dog and cat images, but could be modified for another rescue pet.  Please contact us with any special requests you may have.